foodora couriers

foodora couriers are the beating heart of our brand and they play a huge role in our business!

  • We are now over 2000 couriers in Norway. Some of the benefits of working as a courier in foodora is that you get to explore the city at the same time as you earn money. You can also choose your preferred affiliation, you can be your own boss or choose to become a part-time employee! It is up to you!

Meet some of our couriers

  • foodora practice a unique socio-cultural environment which offers an opportunity for everyone regardless of age, religion and race...It creates a friendly environment to interact and meet people from different backgrounds who are working together towards the same organisational goals/objectives.

    Kenechukwu Ofochebe


  • During all my years working for foodora I have yet to see an unfriendly face. I enjoy the small chats one has with colleagues or restaurant-workers while waiting to pick up food, the cheerful waves from riders passing you on the streets, and the ever thankful (hungry) customers who receive their food. I like that working for foodora gives me an opportunity to be physically active as I at the same time sightseeing every part of the city.

    Preben Ones Slengesol


  • As a cyclist, I like the feeling of cycling around the city in my own world and seeing customers with a smile on their face when they receive their order. As a rider captain, I enjoy the feeling of being a contributor to a social and inclusive community, the feeling of having a real impact on issues that are important to me and my teammates, and being able to motivate, and be motivated by, my teammates.

    Kaja Jensen

    Rider Captain

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